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Know your Favorite Material during Gay Mens Shopping

When buying sex toys, a lot of considerations come to mind because you have to get those that offer maximum pleasure and safety. The choice of sex toy material is never easy to many people because of the limited information out there. With the information given next, your purchase of butt plugs and dildos will be much easier than before.

Silicone is a top choice for many people because of its hygienic nature. Since it is non-porous in nature, sharing your silicon sex toys will not be a risky affairs since you cannot come into contact with bodily fluids of other persons. Additionally, its hypo-allergenic properties and the fact that it warms up fast make silicone a top choice. Silicone sex toys can be flexible, soft, or rigid and you can find them in all manner of colors. Silicone toys are quite long-lasting too.

The cheap nature of rubber makes its use in making sex toys prevalent. With its numerous customization options, the material has become a top choice for sex toys manufacturers. You can find options like skin-safe rubber, latex, and jelly rubber when shopping for sex toys, making it essential to know about the properties of each. If for instance, latex does cause allergic skin reactions on you, it’s best to keep off it. Phtalates, on the other hand, have made jelly rubber use minimal because these components are thought to be harmful to humans who get exposed to them. Skin-safe rubber is, therefore, the best option because its lack of latex and phthalates makes it safest.
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If you prefer luxury and heavy sex toys, metal is your best pick. The best aspect about metal is that you can alternate the use of hot and cold sex toys on your partner, which is called “temperature play” in gay circles. Other benefits of metal include durability, non-porous nature, waterproof, skin-safety and minimal inconveniences when any type of lubricant is applied on the surface of sex toys made of the material.
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Modern sex toys now come in glass, which is the latest material to hit the gay stores. Versatility and aesthetics are believed to be the top qualities that make the material well-liked by many shoppers of sex toys. Borosilicate glass, which is also used in making the utensils in most homes is the type used most in the manufacture of these toy types. The glass offers desirable levels of thermal resistance, and that means that it does not break even when exposed to heat or cold extremes. Also, the thermals stress levels of the material prevent it from shattering when accidentally dropped on the ground. Besides, glass is not made of toxic components and is also non-porous, making it quite popular. Cleaning your glass toys is quite easy too because hot water will do the job just fine.