Doing business is an effective way to earn money. You may have often seen various reports about people who are successful in doing business. However, in reality doing this is not easy. Even just thinking of ideas that are suitable for business is not easy. So, for those of you who are currently wanting to open a business, but are still confused about how to find the right business idea, check out the following article.

1. Start with hobbies or things you like

Hobby can be one of the best choices as a business idea. Apart from being something fun, it turns out that this can be an opportunity if you want to try it. Actually this is more from the point of view of the hobby.

For example, you like collecting shoes/sneakers. When viewed from the point of view of an ordinary person, it may only seem that …

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Many people seem to take residential and commercial painting as the same service, even though they’re entirely different. After all, painting is painting, regardless of where or what you paint. No! It’s not that simple.

There are specific differences between commercial and residential painting. Herein, we’ll dive into the world of decorating and painting in commercial and residential environments.

Size Of Project

Painting a commercial or residential property are two different jobs, requiring different skill sets and tools. Painting a commercial space such as an airport, office space, hospital, shopping centre, or any other commercial space is complicated by the increased square footage you’re dealing with. Additionally, you have to contend that the workspace may be affected by inventory, employees, and customers.

Size Of Team

Typically, you need a higher number of painters to paint the required space and also meet deadlines. This means you have to make extensive plans …

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Earning passive income from investment is indeed the dream of many people, but for various reasons, many still have not really realized that dream. If you currently want to try investing in stocks, it’s never too late to become an investor.
The decision to join the capital market was also felt by many Indonesians. During the pandemic the number of retail investors (individuals) increased significantly and made the Indonesian capital market even more crowded. The boom in investors in the last two years has also boosted yields on the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI).

If you intend to create an account to invest in stocks, you will need to create a securities account with a securities company. Here are some tips for you in choosing securities and opening a stock account.

Ensure Legality and Quality.

To select a security, make sure the company is registered with the Financial Services Authority …

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