As recently as 2013, a number of e-commerce companies went public with plans to utilise the rapidly developing technology of drones to successfully deliver goods to customers.

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Companies like Amazon and Google have invested heavily in drones for good reason. It is the final part of their items’ journey that presents the biggest hurdle. Sprawling distribution centres and vast networks of same day courier services get the purchase to the front door as soon as possible, but can drones provide a way of delivering even faster?

Above Us Only Sky?

With plenty of obstacles to overcome, it will be a while before we see drones buzzing around our neighbourhoods, but progress in drone technology has been impressive. Not only can drones sail over traffic, but rural areas suddenly become a lot more accessible.

There Are Plenty of Problems to Solve

Don’t say an emotional goodbye to your favourite …

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It’s well advertised and understood that it takes money to make cash and that investing usually and early is without doubt one of the smartest monetary selections which you can make. Unfortunately, the dearth of funds typically discourages people from beginning an investment portfolio. Luckily, with the assistance of online tools you can start with very little money and restricted analysis or experience. Everyone can make the small sacrifice to find the cash to begin investing.

For people in wheelchairs, attaining a wheelchair accessible car could be much tougher than it’s to achieve a non-accessible automobile. Individuals in wheelchairs need special seating options. Even people with partial mobility must have modifications accomplished to their vans and cars as a way to comfortably entry them for driving or using as a passenger.

Lenders will provide wherever from $2,500 to $250,000 of fast cash circulate for your corporation. As shortly as you …

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In mid-December of 2018, Clock Springs Co., producer of engineering products that repair and renew the pipe-based infrastructure, has announced signing a license and distribution contract for zero-emission gasket technology.

The company employs the DeltaV-Seal tech under the license of a Norwegian company, Pipeotech AS, which specializes in innovative sealing technologies. 

This new and improved metal-to-metal washer can support the maintenance of the critical infrastructure, thus allowing Clock Springs to help the industry players reduce their carbon footprint. The new technology reduces emissions during operation, inspection, and repair. 


The full metal gasket produced by Clock Spring and designed with Pipeotech AS’s DeltaV-Seal provides a special sealing technology, which prevents connection point emissions. The company manufactures the new gaskets by CNC milling. The washer expands and contracts at the same rate, thus maintaining a complete seal during the equipment operation.

The V-shaped rings compress to create a full seal at lower …

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