Are Drones the Future of Delivery Services?

As recently as 2013, a number of e-commerce companies went public with plans to utilise the rapidly developing technology of drones to successfully deliver goods to customers.

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Companies like Amazon and Google have invested heavily in drones for good reason. It is the final part of their items’ journey that presents the biggest hurdle. Sprawling distribution centres and vast networks of same day courier services get the purchase to the front door as soon as possible, but can drones provide a way of delivering even faster?

Above Us Only Sky?

With plenty of obstacles to overcome, it will be a while before we see drones buzzing around our neighbourhoods, but progress in drone technology has been impressive. Not only can drones sail over traffic, but rural areas suddenly become a lot more accessible.

There Are Plenty of Problems to Solve

Don’t say an emotional goodbye to your favourite delivery guy just yet, as there are a number of issues that key players in drone technology are still a long way off overcoming. The biggest problem facing UK-based companies hoping to have a fleet of drones in the sky as soon as the technology allows is regulation. There have already been well-publicised issues relating to drones spotted near airports causing huge safety concerns, and there will be strict rules that drone users must adhere to. The increased noise level is also something that will cause a major problem, as this article highlights:

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Like most evolving technologies, there is a lot of trial and error, with large overheads required. Whilst small, light items are proving to be consistently straightforward to transport by drone, heavier or more awkward items will require much more research and testing. Distances covered and ensuring enough power in the drones for a safe return are also going to be key to ensure a cost-effective system is developed. Couriers that offer a range of vehicles across a vast geographic area such as will continue to hold an advantage for the time being.

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With those potential problems in mind, it is unlikely that couriers will be out of business any time soon. Nonetheless, top global companies will continue to invest in finding solutions, so it may not be long before your takeaway lands on your driveway courtesy of a drone.

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