Some Essential Tips for Smart Backpacking

  • Buy a light simple backpack with satisfactory capacity. If you buy a heavy pack that has too much carrying capacity, you will definitely be tempted to make it full. And when it is full, it will be difficult to handle smoothly.
  • If you are backpacking as a group member, you can share your gear like cooking gear and tent with your companion. It will reduce the weight of the backpack.

smart backpacker

  • Try to use your backpack without its hip belt. You will like it.
  • Don’t pack at the last moment. Last-minute packing causes you suffering. There is a strong possibility that you forget to pack necessary things and carry the things you don’t need.
  • Don’t purchase an overkill sleeping bag. Surprisingly most people purchase a sleeping bag suitable for low temperatures but use it almost 90% time for summer camping.
  • You may use a useful silk liner which adds warmth but weighs very little as like as 4 ounce only.
  • Always air out the bag during your lunch and as quick as possible set up the camp. Moisture may evaporate and your bag may fully loft.
  • Don’t forget to eat some foods and drink before you go to bed. That’s going to help the body to heat the sleeping bag efficiently.
  • Buy a good quality ultralight tent to save money and to reduce weight as well as.
  • In some hot or dry regions, you might also use your sleeping bag cover or a bevy sack as shelter.
  • Think once more in the last moment before you leave. If the weather looks good you may leave less important items in your car like rain coat. That will reduce weight.
  • For clothing, always try to avoid cotton. Cotton usually takes time to get dry and it’ll be heavy to carry your wet clothes.
  • If your backpack has large buckle or cord locks, try to find out a way of replacing them with a lighter ones.
  • Try to avoid heavy materials in your backpack. There are some lightweight materials with heavy duty and you can simply use them for sleeping bag or tent. There are some ultralight gears as well.
  • In case of sudden wet weather, you may need backpack cover. Try to find out a light one. Silicon-coated backpack covers may be a good choice as they are made ranging from 1.3 ounce only. But make sure to check your backpack cover’s specifications provided by the manufacturing company.

backpacking sleeping bag

  • While choosing your sleeping bag, try to give preference on weight. You may still purchase down bags. It may sound stupid but the truth is- even if they get wet, you won’t need to worry about its efficiency. Down bags are protected with natural oil that works like geese whereas a heavy quality bag is made of shell fabrics. What you need to do is- ensuring a dry and waterproof space to accommodate your backpack cover. 
  • Always keep a handy towel so that you can wipe out any condensation sticking to your tent’s wall. A small and handy towel can help you to a great extent to ensure your sleeping bags maximum performance.
  • Try to buy a best lightweight backpacking stove reviews 2016 or you can build DIY backpacking stove at home.

Last of all, make sure that you have not packed anything odd that you won’t need in the camping. Try to avoid heavy and high metal elements while you are planning to have an ultralight backpack. In some cases, it often happens that people forget to pack necessary items being haste. So I would like to suggest you not to hurry so much while packing your outdoor essentials. Follow the tips stated above and have a safe and secure outing. ☺

Explore Phu Quoc Island

Welcome to the “heart” shaped island of Vietnam! This island is accessible in providing impressive white sand beaches, excellent hospitality, and high-end accommodation. The Phu Quoc Island is not only popular because of its shape, but it’s also known as the “pearl” island of Vietnam. Aside from its excellent accommodation choices – from small yet clean bungalows to luxurious resorts rated with five stars, the island has the fifth largest international airport in Vietnam; this allows the tourists from other foreign countries to witness the beauty of Phu Quoc without any hassle. For emergency purposes like some accidents, it has an international standard hospital and a port for an international cruise ship. You have no visa? No need to worry! This island is designated as “exclusive economic zone” which allows tourists to stay in the island for up to 30 days with visa-free policy. Choose a tour explore snorkeling, swimming, traditional, fish sauce…here

Explore Phu Quoc Island

The Phu Quoc Island performs many travel activities that entertain the visitors. Activities like scuba diving, hiking, sightseeing, and snorkeling are the main events that gather more tourists. Aside from that, the island has also a huge amusement park for kids and safari zoo for kids, and golf courses for people that love to play golf. The Phu Quoc Island is not only famous because of its beautiful beaches and other tourist’s destination, but also because of its historic places. Your vacation in this island won’t be worth it if you don’t visit the island’s historic prisons and witness the oldness of the sacred temples. These places had been created thousand years ago and a lot of scenarios that already happened in there. The island also has a natural park for trekking and a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. With the greatness and beauty of this island, the Phu Quoc is undeniably the most worth to visit destination in Vietnam. Continue reading

Introduction Of A Compound Bow

Hi guys, I am a hunter and I have been hunting for years. I have experienced a lot of hunting weapons but I am really impressed by the modernity and the strong power of a compound bow which I think should be regarded as the best tool for hunting. Even though hunting is just a kind of sport and it requires us to defeat the animals, it is optional for us to continue with the prey or give up.

Personally, I think that the compound bow will be very useful for us when we go into a hunting trip. In this article, as an experienced hunter, I will introduce to you about this weapon.


Compound BowThe compound bow is especially designed on the grounds that this is the greatest model of bows up to the present. In the past, the bow and archery was very simple and it was not really powerful enough to defeat large animals.

By contrast, the best compound bow is integrated with outstanding techniques so its power is very strong. In terms of the design, the two limbs like our two arms to embrace all the wind in the front, which helps to reduce the wind force that can blow the hunters.

In addition to this, with modern arrangement, the bow strings help a lot to generate more strength to shoot the arrows. The idler wheels are also smart to roll in and roll out the bow strings.

Besides, there are many more interesting points of a compound bow that you can discover when you have a full test for it.


The compound bow is now utilized in different fields such as hunting (mainly), defending and thanks to its popularity and a large number of people using it, there are various contests about performing with the bow.

In hunting, the compound bow helps to figure out the animals through the front sight and catch the animal with the balance and firmness of the bow limbs. We can use the arrow with or without poisons. Many hunters poison the arrow so that the arrow can make the animals defeated right away.


Using Tips

Although the compound bow has a lot of features that help us succeed in hunting, we still have to keep safety for ourselves. When using the compound bow, we have to put all the concentration on the arrow and bow so that we can observe every movement of the prey.

If we lose the attention, our hands will not be able to keep balance for the arrow and the bow as we have to make every effort to keep the bow stable. In addition, before using the compound bow in hunting, we had better practice regularly.

Bottom Line

It is obvious that the compound bow has a heap of outstanding features. Nowadays, it is applied into many fields, not only in hunting. For beginners who want to have a good start in hunting, they can equip themselves with a good compound bow to experience its great design and characteristics.

Hot Air Fryer for Healthy Food

Taking fresh salads, sandwiches and selecting healthy food can be simple for some but hard for some. The thought of not being capable to eat your favorite wings or favorite French fries is a dream particularly for those who have lived all their lives consumption deep fried foods. For people who still desire their deep fried food but desire to have a healthier lifestyle, they now have the choice to do so, thanks to new innovation such as the air fryer.

What is an Air Fryer?

The air fryer is just like your daily kitchen machine with only one difference – it employs hot air to cook food. Instead of usually heating up food by using oil, the fryer makes use of hot air. Newest versions of the fryer permit one to regulate the temperature to make sure precise and even cooking.

What Are The Benefits Of The Hot Air Fryer?

  1. One of the Benefits of air fryers is that it makes the cooked food better. By no means of oil to cook the food, has it lessened the % fat of the meal. This is not the case with usual fryers where the employ of oil increases the soaked fat content.
  2. Another advantage of air fryers is that current ones have an exhaust system in place which filters the surplus air out. As it is filtered, it is gracious to the environment.
  3. No oil or at the most, a tablespoon of oil for frying resulting in reduced calories intake.
  4. The air fryer is extremely adaptable and can be use for frying, grilling, roasting and baking; one machine for most of your cooking needs.
  5. You can cook practically all types of food in the fryer, whether frozen or raw food stuff.
  6. Fast cooking times with most food cooked in less than 30 minutes.

cooking with hot air fryer healthier

Disadvantages of the Hot Air Fryer

Although the utensils is perfect for the fit lifestyle, one complexity with using an air fryer is that since air is make use to cook food, it is significant not to surplus the cooking area as this would result in uneven cooking. Thicker cuts of meat might also need extra cooking time to completely cook. Cost may also be an issue as some models accessible in the market today are expensive.

Who Would Benefit Most From The Hot Air Fryer?

  • Hectic moms would like the air fryer for all the causes talk about above. Healthy food for their kids cooked with the least amount of fuss and fast too.
  • University students would locate the fryer helpful too as it is very adaptable and very simple to cleaning. It leaves no greasy mess.
  • The old would love the air fryer for its easy usage. There are only 2 buttons to regulate, the heat and timer control. In addition, the healthy oil free food would be great for their fitness.
  • Anyone on a low fat diet would also love the fryer for its oil free or less oil cooking technique. Yes, you get to take pleasure in your favorite comfort food in a more fit way.

Buying Your Fryer

If you do think to buy an air fryer, then you should take a look at the features of the fryer that you are buying. Cost depends on the features of the utensils so some models perhaps a bit cheaper than others. Features that you should look for comprise a routine timer, a touch screen surface for simple navigation or an integrated dial, simple cleaning and space efficiency. Some machines can cook tons of food completely while others do not. If you always have a big family then chooses a bigger machine.

Click here to read the best cheap airfryers reviews for the money

Pros and Cons of a Swimming Pool at Home

Having a pool at home equates to welfare, amusement and even luxury. For decades and generations, it has become the perfect place to spend a great time in the company of family and friends, and enjoying activities together; but now it is time to ask you this question: Would it happen a situation in which having a pool would be a problem? Is it really necessary to have a swimming pool at home? Or maybe is just a leisure we’d better avoid? Let’s consider those positive and negative issues in this article to have in mind important facts if you are thinking of owning a swimming pool at your home.

home swimming pool

  • A swimming pool is a good motivation for exercising, which grants you a good health (especially for your heart and lungs), fitness, and it also freshens you up during hot summer days. Remember that swimming pools are related to sports as well. Nothing better for your body.
  • Having a swimming pool at your house will provide you an excellent chance to decorate its place with green areas and natural elements. Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and shrubbery? Definitely this feature gives your home a beautiful, quiet, fresh and tropical environment that everybody can enjoy.
  • It is the favorite place to have a relax time and the perfect chance to clear your mind, especially during these hard and stressful days when your only desire is to have a calm and peaceful time with yourself.
  • But not everything sounds that good. Remember that the costs of installation and maintenance of a swimming pool are very expensive. Therefore, you must be very sure before making the investment and analyze if you are able to afford those expenses that will allow you to keep it in top conditions for its usage.
  • Talking about expenses, we must say that maintenance of a swimming pool is a tedious job and requires a lot of effort and dedication. You must also remember that there are certain maintenance tasks to be performed weekly, monthly and annually (you would even need to hire a professional in pool care). Remember that if maintenance is neglected, the swimming pool could be subject to breakage, get cracked, and even would develop bacteria and algae that are responsible of multiple sicknesses, which eventually would be difficult to settle. In this very last issue, if something goes wrong, your wallet will suffer the consequences.
  • Upon monetary expenses, swimming pool issues must be seen from the perspective of safety and prevention. You must be very careful with children in these areas and ensure their safekeeping with fences or bars surrounding the pool, as well as setting up other measures to avoid accidents. Remember that the welfare of the family is the most important in life.
  • Depending on the place where your house is located, it would be more or less hard to recover your funds. This is a very important matter if you are planning to sell your house in the future. Keep in mind that all home upgrades and improvements equate to what the current market demands are in your area, which is uncertain.

If you are thinking of having a swimming pool home because you feel it gives a beautiful and cozy addition to your place, think about all this matters in order to take a proper decision. Don’t forget that, with an accurate knowledge and a responsible attitude towards this, you and your family may benefit from a swimming pool.

How to Charge a Motorcyle Baterry

You are looking for battery for your motorcycle? There are many brands providing you batteries with high standard, allowing the motorcycle to work well. However, to maintain the motor work properly, you have to consider much how to charge its battery to ensure the power energy for it.

motorcycle battery3

Because understanding the fundamentals of charging your motorcycle batter is the best way giving you a long and healthy battery life, you should thoroughly understand how to charge your motorcycle battery. As usual, the most common cause leading premature battery death is leaving your motorcycle battery in a discharged state or not charging the battery after using it. For each type of batteries, the manufacturers supply various conditions and charge states. Hence, there are different ways for one can charge a motorcycle battery. More importantly, if you are the beginner, this article will be very useful for you to keep your motorcycle.

At the beginning, you should take some bellowing notices:

The batteries installed on your motorcycle are actually charged by the motorcycle alternator. Moreover, if you are not riding on long trips or for several hours at a time, the motorcycle alternator is not strong enough to fully charge your lead-acid battery during occasional driving. Especially, it will be trouble when your battery has a low charge and not being checked before using. Hence, battery tends to get deep cycled faster than any automotive batteries. You can see the car battery that has much strong alternators and when it is usually driven, it can prevent them from getting deeply discharged. Thus, it could be claimed that, for the motorcycle that is usually used to drive, the battery is better and longer in lifetime.

Please remember that, when a battery is fully discharged, you risk reducing the calendar life of your own battery. Fully discharged battery means taking a unit from a charged sate to complete empty state where the individual cell voltage drops to higher version. Due to that batteries are not designed for deep cycling that negatively impacts the battery and reduce the cycle life of battery.

The battery will last according to manufacturer calendar life expectation if it is put under ideal operating temperatures and ideal voltage charge. We really ignore our batteries and the conditions in which they operate in many different variables.

One sector impacting on your motorcycle battery life is deep cycling. Temperature plays a crucial role in the batter life, obviously. Batteries can work optimally under an operating temperature of about 24 degree Celsius. A higher temperature can lead battery to risk of being destroyed or more. There are many factors that are able to affect the operating temperature of a battery. Thus, it is necessary to moderate those things to let your battery work in an ideal temperature.

The hot climate is a main sector when you select which battery for your motorcycle. If you live in hot desert areas and drive a motorcycle, you are required often to replace the battery more than others who drive the same motorbike but live in a normal temperature climate. Although the highest quality battery can withstand different temperature extremes, the water content is higher and more susceptible to freeze if it is allowed to discharge in extreme freezing weather. In these harsh conditions, the replacement of batteries is necessary. Also, during the charging process, consider the temperature of battery and let it at an ideal level.

There are some easy ways to fill and charge a best motorcycle battery. When you buy a new battery, the buyer or manufacturer will provide adequate documentation and guiding in details through attachments or videos. Since shipping regulations will not allow battery to be shipped with the electrolyte solution pre-installed, people usually find liquid materials for the consumer.

The endurable time to use motorcycle battery mostly depends on how you use and charge it. If you have good fundamentals of how to charge your motorcycle battery, it will be great for your own motorbike.

Tips on Checking Dining Room Chairs

The dining room is just about the most crucial rooms in a very property plus the one of several merely spots that will ties together anyone jointly. Your dining room means pertaining to interesting, no matter whether you happen to be web hosting Service Company for the major get together as well as developing a tranquil family member’s dinner.

Dining Room Chairs

Your dining room chairs are going to be one of several 1st home furniture that your particular company will spot plus much more important are going to be resting throughout, so it will be vital to experience a dining room that may be the two interesting in look along with pleasing.

See the level of dining room chair:

It may look like as being an obvious strategy, on the other hand should you not decide on chairs which have been the correct level often on your own being forced to sometimes go through the inconvenience involving coming back again a number of chairs as well as beyond a lot of cash.

Be sure you evaluate your current dining kitchen table previous to getting just about any chairs since this can be is definitely the key throughout deciding your seats level that is to be needed for your current chairs.

Nearly all dining platforms are generally involving 28″ for you to 30″ substantial that can allow for chair seats altitudes which have been with regards to 11″ quicker when compared with that will.

Just be sure you get suitable sizes of your respective probable dining chairs in case searching in a very outlet as well as in case you may be getting on-line seek out your chair sizes for the product or service web site. If your sizes are certainly not shown be sure you inquire your shop to provide these people.

Unlike dining room chair, I have one comfortable office chair but I think my dining room chair is much more comfortable than office chair.

Tips for buying:

  • The quantity of dining chairs needed will certainly generally count on what number of men and women will certainly normally always be resting for your dining kitchen table nightly.
  • It is usually critical to consider precisely how generally you’ve got company around, in case company recurrent the house it usually is worthy of committing to another dining chair as well as a pair of consequently you do not get to pass through your energy to get additional down the road.
  • By simply ready to acquire more chairs you’ve got danger in the chairs staying out of stock as well as concluded without extended available.
  • This specific foliage anyone while using trouble of needing to acquire a whole new list of chairs as well as the need to come across a thing equivalent.
  • Your current dining kitchen table can be yet another essential furniture piece that could determine how a lot of chairs are able to in shape throughout the kitchen table.
  • Be sure you evaluate your current dining table’s period previous to getting after which it uncover the complete wider in the chairs to make certain that they may in shape throughout the kitchen table.
  • Wherever you acquire your chairs via will likely ascertain the retail price you can shell out. In case you purchase from major field stores you can normally get a positive price tag, on the other hand you will probably always be reducing good quality pertaining to price tag.
  • Using specialized merchants along with pieces of furniture stores you could shell out over you’d probably at the major company keep, yet will likely hold better good quality product or service that could very last pertaining to a considerably long time.
  • Solid wood dining chairs come in a number of distinct completes as well as colored hues. Seek out chip-resistant completes that happen to be made to shield your solid wood with the main conclude.
  • A number of companies purposefully hardship his or her completes to deliver a new donned search that may be in fashion right this moment.
  • Get a solid wood conclude that could go with along with merge using your latest household furniture as well as cabinetry for the additional build search.
  • There are several created dining chairs accessible in various hues. Get a textile that could go with your current properties design, knowing that you would imagine will certainly merge perfectly.
  • In case searching on-line, inquire the corporation to provide textile samples of a number of textiles you would imagine will certainly merge to be sure you cannot look for a coloring that may be much far from your current various other design.

best comfortable chair

Above all, due to extra time along with charge essential for true natural leather seats. Soft can be at risk of great along with bringing in addition when compared with textile as well as natural leather.

The principle profit soft supplies has a new now more reasonably priced option to natural leather along with seems to be comes with a virtually the exact same visual appeal for you to natural leather, at the very much more affordable price tag.

Six Projects that Add some Value to your Home

If you really want to add some value when it comes to your home, you need to make some projects to improve your family’s quality of life. Here are the seven projects I will discuss.

Remodeling your Kitchen

We all considered that the kitchen is the heart or the center of our home. Working in our kitchen is unlimited. No start, no end. Updating this room is pay off. If you really want to remodel your kitchen, expect that you are about to spend sixty to one hundred twenty percent of your investment. Always remember that you should not make your kitchen to be fancier than the other part of the house.

Bathroom Addition

If you only have one bathroom in your house, this can get a big chunk in your investment also. Always consider the spaces in your house such as closets, under stairs and so on. You need at least eighteen square meters if you need a half bath. You need at least thirty square meters if you really want a full bath that includes a stand-up shower. If you also want a bathtub make sure you have around thirty five square meters to work for a bathroom addition.

Reinventing a Room

Still thinking if you add more square footage to your home? Well, this is incredibly expensive project. Try to reinvent the existing space in your home to save more money and time. Try to finish a basement and convert the attic into a bedroom.

Add Energy Efficient Windows

Nowadays homeowners really shop for a homes with energy efficient in mind, the reason is they want to lessen the use of electricity and to add that saved money into savings. Energy efficient windows can save up to five hundred dollars a year. According to my research expect to spend around sixty to ninety percent of your costs if you are going to invest in energy efficient windows.

Deck Addition

If you want to have add some deck in your home, that is a good idea, because adding some deck will add some value in your home. If you are going to add deck in the backyard and make it more appealing, this can be a priceless to stay at home. Your family will go home as early.

Basic Updates

Basic updates can also add more value in your home. Always keep the paint fresh, cool in the eyes, and fix the roof when it leaks. Replace the ruined or the wood that rots, and remove some molds that you find. These are all the types of tasks that keep your home from deteriorating. Replace the wiring at home, repainted the outside, fix or replace the plumbing and also repaint some interior.

We often discover some leaks in the house and need more insulation:

  1. In the around doors and windows
  2. In the around electrical sockets or sometimes in light switches
  3. In recessed lighting
  4. In the attic hatch
  5. In the basement
  6. Anywhere ducts and wires outside the house


We all want to have a healthy, safe, solid home. Like any project, the cost of adding some project in your home is depend in the project that you are about to do. Remember that you don’t have to make your home fancier, just maintain the cleanliness to avoid sickness and harmful diseases and build harmonious relationship inside your home. Still you have many options for your home improvement that really add value to your home. Remember that adding value to your home can make your home sell in a higher rate if you want to sell it someday, if you also have a plan to move someday. Focus on how you can save money in repairing some leaks or replacement in your house. Always add comfort in your home, this can make your family happier and add long life. Small home is fine as long as the love is the biggest and the happiness and joyous days arrives. Having a big house does not mean you are rich to look, always remember the value of the house is in the owner. And how the people inside the house love each other.

Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Squeaky Door Hinges

This kind of home issues is something hurtful to our ear. But you can avoid this by spraying a little WD-40 (available in hardware stores) onto the hinges; test the window by moving the door back and forth test the lubricant.  You can also try wiping the hinges with petroleum jelly. If these tricks don’t work, try to lift the hinge pins about halfway and lubricate them with 3in1 oil, using a rag to catch drips.


Squeaky Floor

If you experience this home issue, these are dangerous for kids and for this temporary fix, try to sprinkle an enough amount of talcum powder over the noisy area. Stroke it into the cracks. Be sure to remove any traces of powder if you will finish the floor.

Peeling Wallpaper

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is use a knife, slur enough amount of wallpaper paste onto a piece of writing paper. Polish the paper against the underside of the peeling section. Press the wallpaper against the wall. Slide the writing paper out and smooth away bubbles with a clean cloth.

peeling wallpaper decor

Dusty Chandelier

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is, allow the fixture to cool for a while. Please use or wear a pair of white cotton gloves ―one dry, one dampened with glass cleaner. (For crystal chandelier, use one part rubbing alcohol to three parts distilled water.

Stained Tub

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is, combine an equal amount of baking soda and cream of tartar with lemon juice to make a paste. Wipe the mixture into the stain using your fingers or a cloth.

Stuck Sliding Windows

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is put a little silicone spray lubricant (you can sold at hardware stores)it will grease the skids. Spray generously onto a rag, then rub along the tracks, this will be good whether they’re metal, wood, or plastic.

prepare sliding window

Slamming Door

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is soften the slam of a door by fastening a few pieces of peel and stick foam weather stripping around the doorstop. Or get a wide rubber band and wrap it around the doorknobs on both sides, stretching it across the edge of the door. Don’t conceal the latch.

Hard-to-Remove Light-bulb

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is press the center of a foot long strip of duct tape onto the middle of the bulb. Fold each loose end in half so it sticks onto itself. Give a counterclockwise twist to loosen the bulb.

Dry Cutting Board

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is recover your board by gently warming a bottle of pure mineral oil (available at drugstores) in a bowl of hot water, then wiping the oil onto the surface with a soft cloth. Wipe off the excess four to six hours later.

Flattened Down Cushions

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is put them outside in the sun for a few hours, flipping them halfway through. (remember―leaving them out too long may fade the fabric.)

how to flatten down cushion

Scuffed Linoleum

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is wipe the spot using white toothpaste and a dry cloth or with an eraser. Try to spray WD-40 on a towel and wipe lightly, making sure to degrease the area afterward with liquid dish-washing soap and water.

Dirty Decanter

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is fill the decanter halfway with hot water, a few drops of liquid dish-washing soap, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a cup of uncooked rice then pin the rice around for a few minutes to remove the residue, wash with warm water, and air-dry.

Tangled Extension Cords

If you experience this kind of home issue first thing to do is follow their lead and keep extension cords tangle-free and place it inside a large plastic bucket when they’re not in use.

Tangled Extension Cords