Step by step guide to building a trading plan

How To Build A Professional Trading Plan | by Global Prime Forex | Medium

Many traders often wonder about how to make a trading plan even after starting their journey on this platform. Well, we don’t blame them. A trading plan is such a sensitive issue that a little loophole in making a trading plan can lead to a bigger loss. That’s traders are always on the search for a well-engineered trading plan to aid them in their trading. 

A trading plan is of endless value to a trader and comes with lots of benefits. Your trading plan can be made following the plan of any successful trader or even customized. Both the ways are good as long as it fits your trading type and goal. You should also remember that making a trading plan cannot raise your trade alone. You need to properly implement it so that you get the best result.

So, you have already concluded that it is very important to have a well-working plan. But how can you make your plan well-functioning? So, here are the steps that you can follow to build your trading plan. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1.Know your risk limit

As a trader, you must come up with the possible risk limit you can manage to take while trading. You may take a risk up to 2% or below that and it completely depends on your capability and experience. Going above your risk limit will be a foolish thing to do that you might not want to do if you want to curve a good profit.

A trading journal

A trading journal is one of the key methods to make profits in trading. Journals help you to keep an eye on your previous trading. Noting down every single detail of previous trades regularly will come in handy when you evaluate them for your future trades. So, don’t miss out on this important factor as you develop your trading plan. Those who are trading commodities for a long time always use such trading journal. It allows them to fix the faults as they can easily analyze their performance.

Trading strategies

A trade can consist of several strategies and these strategies help traders to find the best possible ways to make profits. So, it is important to include the strategies that work for you in your plan. While you evaluate your trades, you can find out which strategies work for you the best and why. Again, using a complex and difficult strategy might not be as effective as a simple strategy that fits your trading style.


Undoubtedly the importance of market analysis in trading is enormous. There is no way a trader can survive without a proper idea of how the market works. So, a trader needs to get prepared to face the challenges of the trading world with technical analysis as their biggest tool. If you can speculate how the market would look like after a certain period, it will be easier for you to come up with better decisions for investing. So, always make sure to input enough scope for researches in your trading plan.

Entry and exit points

Entry and exit points are important factors while choosing a trade. These points determine the amount of profit or loss you are going to make out of a trade. So, you can fix particular entry and exit points that align with your trading strategy. It will also help to minimize the risk of losing and enable you to make the highest profit.

Money management

As a trader, it is one of the basic aspects for one to know about money management and implement it. It helps to reduce unnecessary expenditure and maximize profit level. It also helps one to make the most efficient use of money without wasting a single penny. It can prevent extravagance as well as greed while trading.

Treat yourself

We always say to work properly and regularly. But remaining indulged in your work always is also not a good idea. You should create scopes to get some rest, enjoy your hobbies, and explore. So, make sure that you are giving yourself the chance of relaxing once in a while. It will also freshen up your mind and help you to focus on your work more.

So, here are seven steps to follow while making a trading plan. There might be several more to be included but these are the most basic ones that every ideal plan requires and make sure that your trading plan includes them too.

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