Is gold still profitable in 2020 and a safe investment? Here’s why the future is yellow

Prior before the use of coins and paper currency, gold was the medium of exchange and people were ranked as rich based on the number of gold carats they commanded. It was until the 1970s where gold stopped the reference and the dollar was adopted. Prior before this period, the wealth of every nation was measured using gold. People would convert their wealth and properties to gold, this was obtainable before the birth of modern civilization. 

Whether or not people still use gold as a matter of preference, as it has continued to be means of judging wealth, people still spend a fortune buying from gold and diamond stores because of the perceived worth that is attached to it. It would completely be folly to believe the era of gold being an investment option is gone, as it will continue to be a huge investment in years to come due to its early acceptance.

One of the reasons gold is still in high demand is since people still use it for a lot of things, particularly pieces of jewellery. Today, some companies specialise in making earrings, bracelets, watches and other pieces of jewellery from gold. One can read about Goldsmith Jewellers to determine whether they sell genuine gold-plated jewellery. People are paid a huge sum of money to convert their gold to actual currency. The reason the use of gold as a form of currency was discontinued was that the yellow substance isn’t mobile and it takes plenty of logistics to carry around without losing or misplacing them. 

Gold can be used in making lots of things, including jewellery, medallions and other varying uses. Gold has indeed carved a niche among the human ecosphere and for man to completely abandon it would be near implausible. Since they are very much used for making several items, being a valuable investment option, the yellow substance will always be. There is also news that gold is used in the chemical industry for the process of electroplating and coating different items. Due to the increased value of gold, material plated with genuine gold cost a lot of fortune in the market.

With economies experiencing inflation due to negative market forces, gold has acted as a buffer to prevent excessive inflation. Most people prefer storing their wealth value in gold because when the currency loses its purchasing power due to inflation, gold tends to be increasingly more stable. So, its normal to see locals buying gold when they start losing trust for their local currency. Also, stating that the demand for gold in certain cultures are in vast magnitude. Countries like India and China are one of the highest consumers of gold as they use it for their weddings, jewellery, and a traditional form of saving.

In final thoughts, unlike other currency types, people see gold as a way of preserving and passing wealth throughout the ages. It’s important to note that gold doesn’t corrode and has a uniquely beautiful colour, unlike other elements. Whether it’s a safer way to invest now rest on you.

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