How to greet customers for extra sales

For the majority of consumers in the UK, how they are greeted in store can have an effect on a) whether they make any purchases; and b) whether they will return. The aim of a retailer is to generate sales and ultimately make profit on the bottom line; but if their customer strategy is lacking, then so will the sales.

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Under pressure

What a consumer definitely doesn’t need is to feel pressured into making a purchase virtually as soon as they have walked into the store. We all know places where retail assistants make a beeline for you, asking “is there anything I can help you with today?” and usually, our stock response is “no”, with a high percentage not even taking the time to look round at what products are on offer, because they have been put off straightaway.

Change strategy

If that phrase was changed to, “have you visited us before?” or “welcome back!” if they recognise you, this could create a completely different scenario. As human beings we love to interact, so a differently worded question or a warm comment about the weather, for example, can open up a whole new dialogue that may just lead to a sale.

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Feeling valued

Customers love nothing more than being made to feel like they are valued rather than about to be ripped off. Give them time to peruse the store, see what purchases they are interested in and then be on hand straightaway should they indicate that they are looking for more information or indeed, to make a purchase. It’s all about finding that balance, reading the situation correctly and engaging in conversation at the right time.

Music for business

Not only can a well-placed conversation or well-timed intervention help to increase sales but so can music. Not too loud and not too soft, selecting the right Music for business can help to set the right ambience as a customer enters the store, and in some cases, can even encourage them to buy. Whether you own a restaurant, clothing store or supermarket, carefully selected music can benefit your bottom line, see

Be aware

So next time you see a customer come through your doors, don’t be too eager to ask if they need help. Make them feel welcome and valued and your sales will start to grow.

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