Beautify Your Office Space

Being productive does not mean that an office needs to be ugly or average. There are many updated styles and methods for creating an attractive and efficient working environment. Employees who work in such places are often more content in their employment situations. Check out the following great ideas.

Do Away With Cubicles

Cubicles have long been a standard for open offices – some separated by long dividers, some by short walls and some not at all. Cubicle dividers themselves may or may not be sound proof, and some may serve mainly to prevent visual distraction. Take a look at some of the alternative hanging glass room dividers Toronto businesses are using to fill the purpose.

Change Your Lighting

Do away with the harsh lighting of fluorescent bulbs and opt instead for ambient overhead lighting. If there are no windows in the office space you might do well to use lamps that replicate sunlight, as that can help prevent some tiredness and low energy tendencies. Even shielded LED lighting can be easier on the eyes.

Stay Away From Pea Soup Walls

One of the most mood-depressing colors is a yellowy greenish beige or peanut butter color and it is also one of the colors that is frequently used in offices. The color can draw the vigor out of people and creates a dull and lifeless atmosphere. Instead, choose something in a neutral tone. Most any accent goes well with neutrals, and with crisp white trim and some black accents, it forms a clean background.

Bring in some living plants, both to help enrich and oxygenate the atmosphere and to freshen the space, literally giving life to the space. Choose plant species that do not require a lot of upkeep such as fiddle leaf fig or pothos. Together with the other changes, your office can become a place employees look forward to spending time.

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