The Importance of Concept Testing You Should Remember


We can all agree that creating a new product is time-consuming, expensive, and risky, mainly because you will not know what will happen when you put it on the market. 

Numerous services and products have not reached desired goals as they entered the market, which leads to severe issues such as bankruptcy in worst-case scenarios.

Having an innovative company does not mean that you will create a product that will succeed after publishing. Therefore, you need to accurately determine the impact it will may before it reaches the market.

Even large companies such as Google have launched Google Glasses, but it failed to connect with potential customers. However, you can prevent this particular problem from happening by implementing concept testing before launching.

That way, you can develop ideas in a controlled and safe space; learn about the audience’s thoughts, which will help you improve a product to make it more efficient than before. 

Suppose you have a service you wish to present to people or new set of products that will completely change the way people do particular things. In that case, you should conduct this specific testing to determine whether you should rebrand or redesign it.

Testing methods vary based on your capabilities as a company, which means that they can be through online communities based on qualitative insight, through quantitative surveys, or by checking particular focus groups and conducting interviews with them.

It does not matter which method you decide to choose because concept testing can help you pinpoint benefits, features, value, and other factors. 

As a result, you can determine whether a particular concept will reach desired popularity or sales, affecting both resources and expenses you have invested in creation.

You should know that concept testing requires a market research investment, which is a minimal expense compared to a failed product you wish to launch. Through testing, you can discover whether potential customers would like or dislike your product.

That way, you can identify all flaws you have created and guide you towards reaching success by developing something that will appeal to your target customers.

Simultaneously, it is a great way to determine the best marketing strategy that will help you sell the products with ease.

In the further article, we will present why concept testing is crucial before launching a particular product.

  1. You Can Filter Developing Ideas.

Having a particular goal and idea does not mean that it will meet your customers’ desires and needs. That is the main reason why you should implement concept testing methods to determine whether your ideas would appeal to them.

Instead of relying on subjective opinions, this thorough research will help you gather objective and relevant data to determine whether you should continue with development or leave it for the future.

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Another critical consideration is using quantitative and qualitative methods; you can understand your customer’s thoughts and concepts and explore whether specific services and products will resonate with them.

You can use a wide array of testing options that will allow you to check out whether customers can understand your product goals and perspectives. It is much better to create research than to lose money by investing in something that may fail in the future.

  1. Prevent Bad Decision Making

Conducting concept testing before launching may affect your business strategy. Still, it will provide you a new potential to protect the customer relationship you have created, prevent financial expenses and losses, and save plenty of time, among other things.

You should know that when a particular product fails, it might pose a significant problem to your company, which is why testing can help you filter out bad decisions and ideas. 

At the same time, you can determine the new potential you have not thought about, which will bring you closer to potential customers than before.

For instance, you can use this particular type of market research to improve your concept, which will help you take it further. It is vital to ensure your success and risk both the money and time you lost making a particular product.

You will only have one chance for a first impression, so concept testing is excellent to prevent failure and ensure that the development becomes more effective by using feedback and data you gathered.

  1. Understand Your Customers Better 

You may think that your service or product is a breakthrough that will affect the world that surrounds you. However, you should know that you could create better branding campaigns, packaging, and other factors that will affect sales through concept testing.

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Choosing a proper testing method and analysis means you can reduce the chance of product failure, limit expenses and optimize innovation to ensure its success. It is a crucial aspect for product developers that wish to determine their chances of returning their investments.

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