How to Effectively Plan a Summer Outing for Companies

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Summer outings are a tradition that has been incorporated into the calendar of many companies; these kinds of outings are held by the companies as a thank you to employees for their effort and also serves as a means to have fun and socialize with people.

Planning this kind of outing requires adequate planning and organizing- from food and refreshments to time and budget. On Collected.Reviews, you can find out more about resort management companies like vacation brokers’ experiences with planning outings.

Here’s how to effectively plan a companies’ summer outing

1.     Choose the format of the outing

There are various kinds of summer outings or parties you could decide to choose. They include outdoor picnics at a park, boat tours or cruises, charity events, golf or baseball games, etc. The picnic can be fun as the team gets to relax at a local park, socialize and eat snacks. A boat cruise is certainly not a bad idea if you have the resources to get a boat for some hours or even days. Concerning charity events, you can organize an outing that’d help the team organize some money for charitable organizations.

2.     Consider the purpose of the event

What exactly does this summer outing celebrate? Take into account this detail? Is it a company award ceremony? Are they looking to market the business during this outing?

3.     Select a time and date and consider everybody’s schedule

To ensure that everybody comes to this outing, pick a time that’d be convenient for employees. Weekend or weekday? Morning or evening?  If the company doesn’t want employees to sacrifice their free time or their weekends, this outing can be held during weekdays. Still, if the families and friends of the employees are invited, you can select the weekend due to convenience.

4.     Plan a budget

When planning the budget, there are five things you should take into consideration.

  1. The number of guests that’ll be attending the event
  2. Catering services
  3. Venue for the outing
  4. Party essentials and supplies
  5. Entertainment expenses

Planning your budget will help you allocate funds to different outing needs and ensure that all the resources are used efficiently and effectively for the employees and their families to have a great time.

5.     Select food handling

Food is an essential and the most important part of any outing that everyone looks forward to. Having bad food equals a bad outing, so proper care should be taken to make sure the food is amazing, and there are different ways you can do this.

a)         Hire catering services to take care of all the catering, including food and decorations

b)         Host the summer outing at a restaurant. If you can pull this off, you’ll not have to worry about food. The company will just have to cover the food and drink expenses.

c)         Have a cook-off or potluck. This will be fun, especially for company barbecues. Let the employees show off their cooking skills and give presents to the best cooks.

6.     Plan entertainment and games

You can hire comedians, artists, DJs, and dancers to keep the outing lively and interesting. For games, you can plan something interactive like karaoke, competitions, racing, and many more.

On the day of this outing, ensure everyone is safe by providing security for the event so their property will not get missing or stolen. Put all these into consideration while planning this event, and it’ll be a huge success!

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