Do You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

In Oregon, the process of applying for workers compensation is supposed to be accessible to workers. That means in theory, you shouldn’t need an attorney to navigate a claim. In truth, it’s often a good idea to retain one. While you can make a claim successfully without legal representation, an attorney may be able to negotiate for a higher payment by keeping extra medical costs and other related expenses from being excluded through the evaluation process. Legal help can also be useful if your employer or the insurer decides to fight the claim at any point.

Start With a Consultation

Most workers compensation lawyers Oregon have a transparent, low-cost consultation process designed to help you make an informed decision. If you’re not sure about how to move forward with a claim, legal help can also provide you with the guidance needed to successfully navigate the system. After all, just because it is meant to be accessible doesn’t mean it works that way for everyone. Public systems are often caught in a situation where unforeseen barriers to application or approval exist that the system is unaware of. Lawyers in this field help bring those issues to light while providing the help those clients need as they navigate the process of making a claim and setting up benefits payments.

Moving Forward With a Claim

If your consultation leads to hiring an attorney, most often the first step is having your lawyer write the claim. Their expertise includes the skills needed to make effective appeals in this format, which helps with quick approval in some cases. This also positions them to respond if there’s a denial of the initial claim, which is common. In cases where the workplace injury develops into a long-term disability, an attorney can also be a lot of help as you seek Social Security payments for disability.

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