Do these things to boost your ecommerce store SEO

No matter how brilliant your website is, your ecommerce store needs to have an excellent SEO campaign in order to perform at optimum levels.

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A recent article on Search Engine Journal pointed out that around 44 per cent of online shoppers use a search engine to identify an appropriate online retailer. So if you want to improve your online sales, you need to implement the following strategies.

Take care with title tags

Title tags appear as clickable links on the search engine results pages, so make sure that yours encourage people to click on them. Make them as compelling and irresistible as possible, to ensure good click-through rates.

Spend time on product descriptions

Search engines love lengthy descriptions, but will penalise you for keyword stuffing. Craft the best possible descriptions of your products that you can, including customer reviews and testimonials, photographs or images and even video, if appropriate.

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Use social media

Create a campaign that people can share across social media sites, which will encourage visitors to view, and buy, your products. Competitions are a good way of generating traffic and encouraging higher numbers of shares and likes. If you’re not confident using social media, then call in the experts. You can easily source experts in SEO in Dublin, for example, with offering a complete SEO audit completely free of charge, allowing you to see the benefits before parting with any money.

Make use of bloggers

Sending out a freebie to a blogger can be a useful way of promoting your products, with the blogger promoting your goods on their own site.

Write a ‘Buyer’s Guide’

In-depth articles about the products you sell, and their pros and cons, add real value to your site. Potential customers can see that you understand your industry, and your knowledge provides reassurance that you are an established and conscientious trader.

Include comparison posts on your onsite blog

Articles comparing one product against another add extra value to your site, allowing potential customers to make a more informed choice about the products they intend to purchase.

Add ‘Buy Online’ to title tags

A simple but effective trick is to include the words ‘buy online’ to your title tags. This is because many shoppers with a strong intention to make a purchase include these words in their search terms.

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