Business and Opportunities for Beginners

Doing business is an effective way to earn money. You may have often seen various reports about people who are successful in doing business. However, in reality doing this is not easy. Even just thinking of ideas that are suitable for business is not easy. So, for those of you who are currently wanting to open a business, but are still confused about how to find the right business idea, check out the following article.

1. Start with hobbies or things you like

Hobby can be one of the best choices as a business idea. Apart from being something fun, it turns out that this can be an opportunity if you want to try it. Actually this is more from the point of view of the hobby.

For example, you like collecting shoes/sneakers. When viewed from the point of view of an ordinary person, it may only seem that these shoes are just part of the fashion that is generally used everyday.

2. Find out from the problems you often experience

Apart from hobbies, you can also find ideas for problems you usually experience. This method is quite tricky, because it really depends on your sensitivity in dealing with a problem. Sometimes we are often more fixated on the problem than the cause. Even though from these causes you can actually find solutions and of course opportunities.

3. Become a solution to the prospect’s problem

The next way is to try to change your point of view as a customer. However, the conditions are that you already have the criteria for your prospective customer. So it will be easier to find a suitable business idea.
As you know that we have our own problems. Try to position yourself as a customer and what product do you hope to solve your problem. This is where the business idea that you want to run must be a solution to the problem.

4. Explore your passion

If previously you used a hobby, then the next way is to use your passion as a business idea. It’s actually more about interests and things you can do well. Try to make a list of about five things about yourself and the things you are really good at. Next, also make 5 things that you don’t like/master. Then analyze based on the possibilities that can be used as an idea for a business.

5. Be an idea machine

Next, do not be lazy to come up with various ideas. There’s nothing wrong with making doodles with the aim of getting various interesting ideas. You can train your brain by writing down 10 ideas on one topic every day. This doesn’t have to be each a different business idea, but you can make it easier by focusing on one topic.

6. Research

Research on this matter is not only limited to looking for ideas from existing business forms. Rather, it is how you can develop these ideas into a unique business form.
There are several things you can do in researching business ideas, such as learning from others, reading books, attending webinars, and watching presentations by various inspirational figures, such as TED talks.

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