Retailers: How to Choose the Right Shelving

You may not pay much attention to your retail shelving until it’s looking the worse for wear and needs replacing. It’s not difficult to select the right style for your premises if you bear in mind the needs of your customers and keep a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Here are five top tips for choosing the right shelving.

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Make it Theft Proof

Buy the right shelving and you can prevent theft whilst still making your premises look attractive. A locked glass jewellery case allows customers to see items from every angle whilst you control access to them. Likewise, gondola shelving arranged in a dead end formation can help you keep control over items that can’t be kept under lock and key but that are easy to steal.

Use Shelving to Control Customer Traffic

Gondola shelving helps you create a semi circular path around your premises that drives customer footfall around your shop. Plan this route carefully so that your customers see everything you have on offer and are enticed to break away and rejoin multiple times.

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Be Aware of Space

Shelving that fits the available space always gives a better impression than shelving that seems to be crowded in, leaving little space for customers. If your premises are smaller, you may prefer slatwalls or other types of slatted units that are lighter weight and give a greater sensation of space.

Reflect Your Business Style

What’s your style? Nerdy or vintage? Contemporary or traditional? You’ll need your shelving to reflect your business, so, for example, you may want to create a particular vibe with industrial shelving Ireland or elsewhere, sourced from a good quality online supplier like to make a design statement.

What Are You Selling?

If you specialise in heavy and bulky merchandise, then you’ll need a robust shelving solution that can deal with anything you throw at it. That’s where you need gondola shelving units, the workhorse of retail shelving. Want something lighter and more flexible? Then slatwall with floating shelves gives a neat appearance and can be endlessly reconfigured to suit your merchandise. If you need a shelving solution that has the sleek appearance of slatwall but the durability of gondola shelving, then try a gondola unit. Shelving options come with a range of accessories to allow you to display just about anything in style.