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What to Consider When Vetting Air Duct Cleaning Companies

We all know it’s necessary to have our air ducts cleaned, and the reasons to hire professional air duct cleaners are also undeniable. The job needs professional knowledge and experience – at least, if you want excellent results. So the question really is how do you find a quality air duct cleaning company?

For starters, you can check the Yellow Pages or consult the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) website, where they have a list of qualified contractors. Of course, nothing beats asking for a personal referral from someone you trust.

However, prior to actually committing to a particular duct cleaning company, make sure it’s a well-informed decision. The EPA recommends the following when evaluating an air duct cleaner:

Obtain written estimates from a minimum of three different cleaners .

Let the cleaners explain the exact condition the ducts are presently in. If they say there is contamination, for instance, have them point it to you.

Be wary of duct cleaners who say they are certified by the EPA. The organization has never endorsed or certified any duct cleaners.

Allow them to use biocides or other chemicals in your ducts only if you have thoroughly understood their pros and cons. If totally necessary, the products should be EPA-registered.

Ask for a few client references and call these people so they can tell you about their experience with the specific contractor.

Contact your local Better Business Bureau or consumer affairs office to know if the duct cleaner you’re considering has had complaints against it in the past.

If applicable, ask them if they have a state license. Duct cleaners don’t need a license to operate in most states, but in some states, like Michigan, California, Arizona and a few others, they do. Make sure to check on that as well.

When speaking to duct cleaning companies, ask them if they have worked with systems similar to yours. How do they protect your home or facility’s occupants from contamination? Are they NADCA-compliant?

Lastly, hold the cleaning until they show you a written agreement where all the necessary details are included, like how long the job will take, how much the cost of the service is, whether or not there will be interruptions as the work is ongoing, and so on.

If you look for a duct cleaning company only when problem have begun, you may end up picking just anyone because of the pressure to get the job done immediately. The best approach is to begin looking even before the issues drop up. Just keep the cleaner’s contact information, and when you finally need it, you’ll know you’re about to hire a properly vetted and wisely chosen company.
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