How to open a Savings Bank account in Canara Bank?

Want to open a new savings account in Canara Bank but don’t know how to? Let me help you solve your problem. Well, it’s not a big deal to open a savings account in Canara Bank as it is just like opening an account in almost any bank but with some differences probably in the official documentation or the minimum deposition required.

Opening a savings bank account in Canara Bank!

To open a savings bank account in Canara Bank just follow the given steps one by one.

  1. Get a Canara Bank account form

It’s as simple as you read. First of all, you just need to have a Canara Bank account form from Canara Bank. You can either visit the bank and get it physically or download a form online and later print it out. There are account forms for various accounts so for that reason you have to make sure you have got the “savings account form” and once you got that you need to follow the next step.

  1. Fill up the form

Once you get the savings account form the next thing you have to do is to fill it up. Carefully follow the instructions and fill up the form providing your official signature and the right sized photographs.

  1. Bring together all the necessary documents

Once you have finished filling up the form now check and collect all the necessary documents that the bank has asked for; it must be written in the form. Collect them all and cross check again and again by comparing the documents and the list provided in the form.

You must have a photocopy of the documents all together and then paste them along with the form and also make sure you have put your current official signature on the papers.

  1. Visit the Bank

Once you have completed the above procedures now it is time to visit the Bank itself. So, visit the bank along with the form and all the necessary documents and show them to the concerned person who will assist you there. Make sure you have everything that is required.

  1. Complete the verification

Now, complete the verification of the documents and the form by showing them to the person who is assisting you.

  1. Deposit the minimum amount required

The minimum balance required for making a savings bank account in Canara Bank is Rs. 1000 for metro, urban and semi-urban branches. For rural branches it is Rs. 500 only. You need to fill up the cash deposit voucher and you have to put NEW ACCOUNT in the in the account number box.

Once it is done the bank cashier will collect your entire documents and will ask you to collect the bank passbook, ATM card and other documentaries.

  1. Collect the Bank Pass Book and the other documents they provide

Now, that all the official work is over you will now collect your pass book, ATM card, the necessary documents and all the things that they provide like internet banking or mobile banking documents etc.

That’s all you need to do to open a savings account in Canara Bank. It is quite simple and straightforward I hope you will have no further issues regarding this topic and safely open a savings bank account in Canara Bank.