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A Guide on How to Buy Men’s Belts

The simple activity of purchasing a man’s belt is not just an examination of fashion but also evidence enough that the man knows his garment. The good thing nonetheless is that this process isn’t an intricate one and with a good combination of common sense and personal tastes you ought to be able to choose your gear quickly. Listed below are a number of factors you must consider.

Length of the belt

Your belt’s length is the single most important factor when it comes to picking the best men’s belt. Ensure that the belt you’re purchasing is appropriate and fitting and has a few inches of leather once you’ve fastened it to ensure you always maintain that official look. When purchasing an already manufactured belt, the rule of the thumb is that you must always measure it verses your waist measurement and ensure that you purchase one that is at least two or three sizes larger for you really to get the best fit. Alternatively, you should consider trying out several items and only accept the one that suits you well.
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When selecting the color of the belt you have to know that its color needs to complement everything you wear both in an standard and official setting. However, don’t opt for unusual belt shades not because of their high cost but because they can have a tendency to attract the interest of individuals to your body midsection- unless this is what you would like. The best criteria for picking a belt color is by looking at the color combination of your clothes and shoes and picking on one that is a perfect fit for all.


Surprisingly, men’s belts are among the priciest products on their closet. This nevertheless varies with specific elements such as materials, brand name and development design coming into play. Men belts that have been custom made utilizing a quality leather material or are usually items from reliable designer businesses are much significantly pricey compared to normal straps. Therefore before purchasing a belt do your research and make certain that the gear you’re buying can be a fit of exactly what you want.

Design and size of the buckle

Men’s belt buckle is one of the accessories used by males therefore playing an integral part when it comes to looking for a quality belt. Ensure that your belt’s buckle matches both color and design of the curflings you’ve used with your top. The buckle’s dimension must also be proper with all the purpose of your gear, that’s, a small strip for an official look as well as a substantial one for a casual look.